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About Chiltern Farms

The beautiful valley of Vyeboom nestled between the majestic Franschhoek Mountains and the Theewaterskloof Dam is the home of Chiltern Farms, who since their establishment in 1954 have been growing and packing fruit for the local and international market.  From humble beginnings over six decades ago the “Chiltern family” has grown the enterprise to a world class growing and packing facility providing produce to the local and international market.

This family run business, which packed is first harvest of 50 boxes of apples in 1954, now packs 1.5 million cartons of pome fruit and 3000 tons of blueberries annually.


Doing what’s right for the fruit and what’s right for the grower.

Ably run by a board of directors, headed by members of the Mudge family, strong executive (EXCO) and skilled support teams the “Chiltern Family” along with their industry partners Fruitways and Berryworld SA  work together to grow, pack and distribute quality produce to clients all over the world, and uphold the vision of Chiltern –  an innovative agri-business striving to create an extraordinary future.

The packhouses, pome and berry, pack not only their own fruit, but also the produce of 17 other farmers from the surrounding area. The company’s mission statement “doing what’s right for the fruit and what’s right for the grower” ensures that the best value is extracted from each bin of fruit.



The construction of the first coldstores and packhouse in 1965, under the guidance of Johnny and Nigel Mudge. Innovative and sustainable resources were used in the construction of the packhouse in 1966. Today these buildings are the foundation of  the present day precinct

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