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Our Teams

The Chiltern teams are the lifeblood of the business and ensure that the day to operations run efficiently and smoothly. The company has fair and equitable employment policies of growth from within, with ongoing training and study grants for further education there are many opportunities for staff members. These teams are the lifeblood of the “Chiltern Family”


This is who they are and what they do……

The Pome Farming Team

The Pome farming team tend and nurture 360 000 thousand trees from season to season and their dedicated attention and expert knowledge results in the  harvest over 115 million apples and pears which are then transported to the packhouse for storage and packing.

The Pome Packing Team

The Pome packing team tip, sort and pack 60 000 bins of apples and pears annually, sourced from 17 growers in the area. These are then packed into 1,500 000 cartons which are then distributed to clients around the world.

The Blueberry Farming Team

The Blueberry farming team, with the help of state of the art fertigation and growing systems, ensure that the 435 000 plants are able to produce over 600 million blueberries each season, to be packed in the Chiltern’s new, world class blueberry packshed and shipped to all corners of the world.

The Blueberry Packing Team

The blueberry packing team are responsible for the sorting, packing and shipping of over 3000 tons blueberries between August and December each season. The fruit is packed into bulk and final pack combinations which are distributed to local and international markets. The efficient intake, pack and ship ensures that the product received by the client is crisp, fresh and wholesome.

The Logistics Team

The Logistics team ensure that 1500 people and 30 000 tons of fruit arrive at their destinations safely and efficiently, through effective handling and organization of the logistical issues related to the distribution and transport of the huge volumes of cargo.

The Admin Team

The admin team made up of Finance, HR, IT and clerical staff ensure that they provide the support network needed to smoothly run this diverse organisation.

The Workshop & Maintenance Teams

The workshop and maintenance teams, made up of skilled artisans and support staff, ensure that the production lines, large fleet of vehicles, facilities and buildings needed to run the business are kept in tip-top shape at all times.

The Exco Team

The Exco, made up of the senior managers in the company, led by the Managing Director and guided by the board of directors, have extensive knowledge and skills that enable them to run a highly successful and innovative company. They are supported by motivated teams, thereby ensuring that the day to day operations run efficiently and effectively.

Fun with the Chiltern Team

Our team dancing to Jerusalema

Also part of our family

Other members of the Chiltern family include a myriad of dogs and a pair of spotted eagle owls who have hatched their brood on the office carport roof for the last 6 years.

Like to be part of our team?