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The digital track and trace module is an ERP system providing the farmer with a complete audit trail of product and costs, as well as the ability to plan and distribute picking strategies directly to orchard level. The system uses display dashboards to enable the farmer to visualise farming activities, production data and marketing statistics in graphic form using maps, tables, charts and graphs.


With the use of digital scanners and QR codes the data is recorded at each leg of the journey, in the orchards, on transport and at intake, and is immediately uploaded allowing instant access, ensuring accuracy and high detail information available at the touch of a button. The software records, in fine detail, a complete audit trail of all activities that take place during the farming operations, thus providing complete traceability of produce from tree to consumer.


Chiltern has implemented the system in their blueberry orchards and it is invaluable in monitoring and ensuring optimum irrigation of the crop. A recent addition is the track and trace module for pome fruit harvesting which is proving its worth by providing high detail information, for each bin of fruit picked, from tree to packshed.

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  • chris says:

    Morning, what software is this? is there anyway you could send me the contact details?